"Our job descriptions are outdated."
"It's sales bonus time, and our payroll person/compensation analyst is on maternity leave."
"The 2017 USA pay increase proposal was rejected by the CFO."  

I've lived all of these experiences in my 15+ years as a Rewards practitioner for multinational corporations, like FedEx and Motorola. My career started as a financial analyst, before moving to Total Rewards, with broad experience with greenfield projects, entrance in new markets, divestitures and acquisitions and HR transformation initiatives.

I believe that my experience in both finance and rewards brings a truly unique perspective to our HR solutions, giving you an edge when it comes to you lobbying for meaningful HR change.

I’ve been blessed enough to work with the Americas (USA, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean), and I have built an enviable network of contacts, particularly across Latin America.  

I have M.S. in Entrepreneurship, and I obtained my Compensation Professional Certification (CCP) in 2007.

speak the language of sales and finance, but I also speak Spanish, and a little Portuguese.

If you are an HR leader looking for effective, rigorous pay solutions, I'd love to hear from you; we have a genuine passion for helping companies empower their people to achieve great things, and I’d love it if you could be a part of it.


Paraphrasing Humphrey Bogart "this could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership".


Yvette Wingate, CCP